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Thank you for visiting our 800 Digital website. As part of our concern to protect the confidentiality of information and data provided by our users, we would like to draw your attention to the following privacy policy.

Collection and Use of Information

Some of the following information is collected anonymously and randomly while users browse the Website or use applications on their smartphones:

• IP address of the device you used to access the Website, as well as your visit time and date.
• The pages you visited on the Website
• Your geographical location when browsing the Website
The above information is obtained in an aggregate and anonymous manner for the improvement of Website performance. Such information is not disclosed at all to any other party unless required by law or for the protection of the rights of our organization.

Your personal information will only be made available to the employees who need to have access to it. This information will not be made publicly available without your consent. Similarly, no such information will be exchanged, sold, or traded with any third party without your prior consent, and access to that information will only be permitted to qualified individuals and specialists who provide services related to your interactions with our Website.

Information Security Controls

800 Digital has implemented the necessary controls to protect the privacy of personal information provided by the user or collected by the Office.

Whenever possible, appropriate encryption is used to protect information that is deemed sensitive and important, and for any data which must be protected in accordance with federal or local legal requirements or the requirements of 800 Digital.


800 Digital reserves the right to update or amend the Privacy Policy at any time, provided that the date of entry into force of such an update is stated at the beginning of the policy. The Privacy Policy must be reviewed regularly for any changes.

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